myRestServer - Easy Rest Server

Build your own RESTful server in 5 minutes or less.

All demos are included in package from CodeCanyon

Hello World Hello World [debug mode]

Simple Hello World demo, you can add .json or.xml to change response type.


cache test cache test [debug mode]

Cache demo with raw response enabled.


Email index Email write[post] Email read [get]

3 Different endpoints in single file using post and get. (send email param to post endpoint).
Email read endpoint is using digest auth with credentials admin/admin


Hello World [responding with png]  Hello World [with custom text] Hello World [more complex]

Demo mode using a custom header as response type (png), and passinb variables by querystring.


Upload images [put method]

Demo mode using put method (make a put request to above endpoint).


Wildcard [index] Wildcard [test] Wildcard [xml]

You can pass variables through url like sub-dir like


Complex [requires custom header] Complex [debug]

Demo, send a get request to above endpoint with custom header API-KEY: 123456789 to authorize, this enpont response with different headers and status code.

MyRestServer is bundled with liveConsole an full AJAX powered console to help you to code and debug your application.

You can track easily every controller, so this will help you to develop your app in a nap of time.
Demo mode of liveConsole is disabled for security reasons: